Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Providence RIAre you in need of pilonidal cyst surgery near Providence, RI? A pilonidal cyst is a pimple-like growth just above the buttocks that, when left untreated, can become infected, filled with puss, and even abscessed. For those in the area, pilonidal cyst surgery near Providence, RI is available that can stop the growth of your cyst and can help ensure you do not face serious infection that may cause further health issues. There is no need to continue to experience pain and risk infection. Pilonidal cyst surgery is safe and can be done on an outpatient basis. Call Dr. Reinhorn and schedule a consultation for pilonidal cyst surgery today.

How Safe is Pilonidal Cyst Surgery, Providence, RI Area?

Pilonidal cyst surgery near Providence, RI is done on an outpatient basis. Dr. Reinhorn, a leading surgeon with vast experience in pilonidal cyst surgery, can thoroughly explain the process to you before performing the surgery. Pilonidal cyst surgery is relatively safe and very successful, but the results of having the pilonidal cyst removed can be life changing. Pilonidal cyst surgery is a same-day outpatient surgery with very low recovery time, but the results of this minor operation are great. Do not waste another precious minute being embarrassed about your cyst or risk the chance of infection. Let Dr. Reinhorn remove it quickly and easily.

Reoccurrence of a Cyst After Pilonidal Cyst Surgery, Providence, RI

There is always a chance a pilonidal cyst can come back after it has been removed. Unfortunately, once you have had one, the chance for recurrence is greater. However, this is not a reason to avoid surgery. Regardless of whether or not you develop another cyst, you should have a consultation to learn about pilonidal cyst surgery. Providence, RI has excellent pilonidal cyst surgery available and Dr. Reinhorn can address all of your concerns regarding your cyst, the issues it may pose if left untreated, surgery, and what you can do to minimize the chance of your pilonidal cyst from coming back again. There are never any guarantees that a new cyst will not develop, but with some changes in your lifestyle, the risk of recurrence can be reduced. Dr. Reinhorn can offer you the treatment and aftercare needed to help reduce the chance of recurrence and is ready to perform any surgery in the event another cyst appears. Feel free to contact ((617) 466-3373) to schedule a consultation for pilonidal cyst surgery near Providence, RI today.

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