Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Hartford CTPilonidal cyst surgery near Hartford, CT is available, so there is no need to let a pilonidal cyst go without being taken care of. A pilonidal cyst can be painful, disruptive, and can cause serious infection that can spread rather quickly if left untreated. Dr. Reinhorn is an expert on pilonidal cyst removal and can have you back to your daily routine in no time. Do not take a chance with infection. Schedule the surgery that can help you feel normal again.

Why Would You Need Pilonidal Cyst Surgery, Hartford, CT Area?

Specifics regarding the cause of pilonidal cysts are sparse. Some doctors believe pilonidal cysts can be caused by ingrown hair while others feel severe trauma to the lower region of the back may be the culprit. In any case, having a professional assess the cyst is imperative. When looked at, the physician will let you know if pilonidal cyst surgery is required. Dr. Reinhorn is a skilled surgeon offering pilonidal cyst surgery near Hartford, CT who can perform the surgery necessary to remove your pilonidal cyst and help you take the steps necessary to prevent the pilonidal cyst from making a return. While there is no way to guarantee that the cyst will not recur, the cleft lift procedure that Dr. Reinhorn performs has the highest cure rate of any pilonidal cyst surgery, Hartford, CT area.

Recovery Time After Pilonidal Cyst Surgery near Hartford, CT

It can be stressful to worry about recovering after having pilonidal cyst surgery. There are options near Hartford, CT of doctors and staff members who can help explain the recovery process to you after you have had pilonidal cyst surgery. While the recovery process is not too extensive or difficult, there are some steps you will need to take to help ensure a faster, more effective recovery process. Pilonidal cysts are nothing to take lightly. Fear of the recovery process is no reason to ignore your cyst or to put off having the surgery necessary to remove it. Taking immediate action and seeking the help of an experienced and compassionate expert is always the best way to deal with a problem such as a cyst. Call Dr. Reinhorn and his staff today at (617) 466-3373 to schedule an appointment to have your pilonidal cyst removed as quickly a possible. Do not wait another day to start yourself on the road to a better, healthy way of living with pilonidal cyst surgery, Hartford, CT residents.

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