Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Boston MADo you or a loved one need pilonidal cyst surgery, Boston, MA? A pilonidal cyst is an abnormal pocket in the skin that can harbor hair and skin debris. Left untreated, it can soon become infected and cause extreme discomfort. Many times more than one surgery is necessary to correct the issue. If you live in Boston, MA and find you have a pilonidal cyst, you will need to find a specialist who can perform pilonidal cyst surgery before infection interferes with your life. Dr. Reinhorn is ready to help today.

Signs You May Need Pilonidal Cyst Surgery, Boston, MA

You likely need pilonidal cyst surgery near Boston, MA if you have an abscess just above the buttocks that resembles a pimple. While this condition is more common in men than women, women can still experience it. A pilonidal cyst can cause extreme discomfort and even significant infection if left untreated, which is why you need to look into pilonidal cyst surgery as soon as someone detects signs you might have a pilonidal cyst. Dr. Reinhorn can sit with you and discuss what to expect from pilonidal cyst surgery in the Boston, MA area.

Is There A Quick Recovery from Pilonidal Cyst Surgery near Boston, MA?

Recovery time after you have pilonidal cyst surgery near Boston, MA can vary from one patient to the next. The key to recovery is keeping the area of the cyst clean and not sitting directly on it. Rest is helpful too. Dr. Reinhorn is knowledgeable when it comes to performing pilonidal surgery and he can walk you through the process of recovering from the surgery as well. Recovery periods can vary, and in some cases, the pilonidal cyst can even return, making it necessary for more surgery. Since Dr. Reinhorn has extensive experience dealing with pilonidal cysts, he can explain the process of recovery in great detail and perform surgery again if the cyst comes back. A pilonidal cyst can certainly disrupt your life, but having pilonidal cyst surgery can be effective in getting you back to living a pain-free life and enjoying the things that are important to you. With Dr. Reinhorn’s approach to surgery, you have the highest likelihood of cure.

Do not let the pain bring you down. Undergoing pilonidal cyst surgery in Boston, MA will help ensure that you can continue living a healthy lifestyle. Call Dr. Reinhorn today at (617) 466-3373 and ask him how he can help you with pilonidal cyst surgery, Boston, MA.

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