Pilonidal Cyst Surgeon Hartford CTFinding a pilonidal cyst surgeon near Hartford, CT who understands your fears and emotions about your condition may seem like a daunting prospect, but Dr. Reinhorn understands exactly how you are feeling. He and his professional staff are ready to meet with you to discuss the treatment of your pilonidal cyst and aftercare. Don’t let the uncertainty and unsightliness of your cyst dictate how you live your life. Contact Dr. Reinhorn today and find out how surgery can give you back the pain-free life you desire.

Will a Pilonidal Cyst Surgeon near Hartford CT Prevent My Cyst from Returning?

Unfortunately, surgery does not always effectively prevent a pilonidal cyst from returning. There is always a small chance the cyst will return in time. A good pilonidal surgeon near Hartford, CT can surgically remove the cyst and consult with you regarding ways to decrease the chance of the cyst returning. There are no guarantees, but being aware of the possible causes of the pilonidal cyst can greatly improve the chance of the cyst not returning. This is why the educational approach taken by Dr. Reinhorn and his staff is so important in the process. Patient education and awareness go a long way toward preventing a recurrence of the cyst.

Can a Pilonidal Cyst Surgeon in the Hartford, CT Area Help with Recovery?

The thought of a long drawn out recovery after surgery is enough to make most people fear the process. However, the good news about pilonidal cyst surgery is that the recovery is done from the comfort of your own home. The surgery itself is outpatient. You might ask if your pilonidal cyst surgeon, Hartford, CT area, can help you with the recovery process. Dr. Reinhorn is ready to sit with you and discuss the medicine and the steps involved with getting you back on your feet as soon as possible after your pilonidal cyst surgery has taken place. A pilonidal cyst can be painful and can disrupt your life, but once it has been taken care of by a pilonidal cyst surgeon near Hartford, CT, the healing process may take some time, but will leave you feeling new again.

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