Cleft Lift Surgery Providence RIWhen it comes to an expert in cleft lift surgery, Providence, RI patients are quick to praise Dr. Michael Reinhorn. Dr. Reinhorn is one of the nation’s top experts when it comes to cleft lift surgery, and he has treated hundreds of patients, helping them back onto the full road to recovery without a hitch. His success stems from his vast knowledge of anatomy and surgical procedures, as well as his unrivaled compassion and care for each and every one of his patients. Dr. Reinhorn is empathetic to all patients who are in need of cleft lift surgery, Providence, RI and beyond, and it is his passion to care for all patients, guiding them to successful and non-traumatic recoveries.

Undergoing Cleft Lift Surgery near Providence, RI – What to Expect

After your consultation visit, you will make appointments for the cleft lift surgery near Providence, RI and follow up appointments. It is best to arrive early to your appointment, which allows time for registration and getting situated in a calm manner. You will be experiencing a wide range of emotions going into the cleft lift surgery so ensuring you are not rushed is a great start. You will then change into your gown and be prepped for the procedure, the anesthesiologist will arrive and you will meet with Dr. Reinhorn with your supporting family/friends to go over any additional questions. After about 2.5 hours, the procedure will be completed but you will be held for an additional 2 hours in recovery prior to being released.

Going Home To Recover After Cleft Lift Surgery in Providence, RI

The transition home after cleft lift surgery in Providence, RI is very important to us as well. We ensure that you are provided with all of the proper care instructions and you know how to properly empty the drain that is attached to your dressing. It is important to remember to measure how much fluid is being emptied and to attend your follow up appointment. Avoiding sitting until after the follow up appointment is greatly suggested as well so it is good to mentally prepare yourself as much as possible prior to the cleft lift surgery.

We here at Dr. Reinhorn’s practice will take good care of you and ensure that you no longer have to be concerned with pilonidal disease. Cleft lift surgery near Providence, RI is performed by one of the best in the field, Dr. Michael Reinhorn – call our office at (617) 466-3373.

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