Cleft Lift Surgery Hartford CTThe cleft lift surgery, Hartford, CT and beyond, has undergone quite a bit of changes since it first began back in the early 1970s. Contemporary cleft lift procedures involve taking the two opposing flaps and creating a symmetrical lateral closure to create an acceptable aesthetic which stresses reduced scarring and improved long term functionality. In fact, this type of closure is considered the “gold standard” way of ensuring reduced incidence of recurrent pilonidal disease. Dr. Michael Reinhorn is a leading expert when it comes to this procedure.

About the Technique Used During Cleft Lift Surgery near Hartford, CT

The particular technique utilized by Dr. Michael Reinhorn during cleft lift surgery in Hartford, CT is most effective in reducing a re-occurrence of pilonidal disease primarily because of its ability to reduce scarring and to ultimate create a shallower cleft. Fortunately for his patients, Dr. Michael Reinhorn is one of the nation’s leading cleft lift surgery experts using the latest advancements in conducting the procedure. It is good to know also that this procedure, Dr. Reinhorn has been performing for seven successful years.

A Staff That Helps During Cleft Lift Surgery in the Hartford, CT Area

It is difficult sometimes to find a practice where everyone, including the surgeon, is helpful in every way they possibly can be. This is exactly what Dr. Reinhorn and his staff offer. From the moment you set up a consultation to the moment you are recovered and resume daily activities, our people will be with you every step of the way. After the procedure has been conducted and you have attended your follow up appointments, Dr. Reinhorn and his staff will check everything out and make sure you are healing correctly. There is a risk of ruining the work that has been done, so resting properly and allowing the body to heal naturally before any activities are resumed is important. If for at any reason you need assistance, do not hesitate to call the practice and speak to one of the staff members. We all know how the procedure works, how people react, how the healing process works, and all emotions that go along with it. We want to enhance your quality of life and just help you fully recover quickly and painlessly.

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