Cleft Lift Surgery Concord NHIf you suspect that you require cleft lift surgery near Concord, NH, it is important to keep in mind that unlike other procedures that involve flaps, the cleft lift involves the removal of much less deep tissue than other procedures do. There are many benefits associated with this, most important of which is that the cleft lift procedure involves the smallest risk of disfiguring scars and that it prevents incidence of chronic disease. Cleft lift removes the scarred skin, which causes persistent disease and is a procedure that Dr. Michael Reinhorn performs near Concord, NH and has successfully carried out over the course of various years practicing medicine.

What to Expect During Cleft Lift Surgery, Concord, NH Locals

You are finally addressing your pilonidal disease head on and having that tissue removed from your body. An incision will be made in between your buttocks during the cleft lift surgery. Any tissue that is diseased will be removed and an adjustment of the tissue within the buttocks will be moved to ensure the cleft is gone. There will be numerous layers of stitches (6-7) totaling up to more than 100 individual sutures. There will be pain which is why you will receive a prescription for some medication and it is imperative that the care instructions are carefully followed. Working with an expert like Dr. Reinhorn will help you minimize pain and discomfort, while experiencing the shortest, yet most effective recovery time.

Recovery From Cleft Lift Surgery, Concord, NH Area Patients

When recovering, the best thing to do is to go home and rest. Take it as easy as you possibly can and follow the care instructions. A drain will be attached to the area which will need to be emptied (which will be taught prior to leaving the office) and will be removed at the end of the first week after. Recording how much fluid was in the drain is important for the office to know so they can gauge how your body is reacting. Tylenol and some pain medication should ensure that you are comfortable after the procedure and after the first follow up appointment you will be able to resume showering.

For more in depth information about everything please feel free to contact the office at (617) 466-3373. Dr. Reinhorn has been performing cleft lift surgery in Concord, NH for more than 7 years now and has all of the answers you are looking for.

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