Cleft Lift Surgeon Hartford CTPersistent symptomatic pilonidal cysts can require the help of a cleft lift surgeon near Hartford, CT, in some instances. One instance where the involvement of a cleft lift surgeon nearby Hartford, CT is necessary is when there is a presence of primary disease whereby the patient exhibits several pits or large divots. Another common reason for a cleft lift surgery also includes re-occurring or persistent disease. The final reason for having to see a cleft lift surgeon near Hartford, CT is for having an open wound resulting from a botched surgical procedure. For those requiring treatment from a skilled cleft lift surgeon close to Hartford, CT, Dr. Michael Reinhorn comes highly qualified and experienced in carrying out this outpatient procedure.

A Highly Proficient Cleft Lift Surgeon near Hartford, CT

Knowing human anatomy like the back of his hand, Dr. Reinhorn, a cleft lift surgeon in the Hartford, CT area is highly proficient. Being able to help people who are suffering from pilonidal disease is a difficult task, since there is risk of infection, but utilizing state of the art technology, Dr. Reinhorn can perform the procedure with minimal downtime and help you get back to your daily routine rather quickly. Once the pilonidal disease is removed your natal cleft will be flattened out and you will no longer be in pain or have feelings of embarrassment about your condition. We can help you get everything back to normal in life, with minimal discomfort.

You No Longer Have to Search for A Cleft Lift Surgeon Around Hartford, CT

Your days of searching for the right cleft lift surgeon near Hartford, CT have come to an end. We are sure that our staff and Dr. Reinhorn will make it so you no longer have to worry and can simply move on with your life. Being in this field for 14 years, he has performed numerous successful procedures, and his patients have been more than pleased with the results. After the procedure has been performed, you will have to take some time to heal properly to maximize the benefits of the cleft lift surgery, including low risk of recurrent disease. For those interested in learning all they can about their condition and are searching for a genuine practice with a cleft lift surgeon near Hartford, CT who knows the in’s and out’s of the field, give us a call to set up a consultation at (617) 466-3373.

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